One day, I got up and smiled. For the first time in a very long time. The question I asked myself is, “why do I feel like this?” Then my phone bussed, it was him, yes it was him. He must have remembered last night. The smile on my face couldn’t get any bigger. I think I am in love, this is the real thing, I would like it to happen. I want this to work. OMG!!! I think my dream is coming true. I thought to myself I hope this goes right, if not then I don’t think anything els will go wright in my life. Maybe if this does’t go right, then I might be the fucked up one. But if it does go right, I hope to god it does, then I think I see a future with him. I have liked this guy for awhile now and I don’t think I will mess it up this time. well I think I should talk about a year ago, I met this guy in college and that I thought it was love, well he did, so yeah! We hung out a couple of times, and thing began to get service and stuff so we had sex. I liked him, but he loved me and that I don’t think I have them feelings for him like he did for me, so I new i had to shut it down, so I told him and he was crushed, but it waster the best. I had to tell him so he can find his true love, so I did. Then I realised I was single and now, I want to try and get my true love. And that were we are today. I have had bad relationship in the past and that some of it was because of me, but it all happened for a reason, god wanted to tell me this guy is made for me. I think I should reply to his message. So I texted him, would y…?!? 
She was in a very deep and she never new that the older the guy is she will get hurt and she just didn’t care she was just blinded, because she had a big crush on him for years.
Hey Guys I would like to know, if you guys liked my sort story?
Also this sort story is for 15 years +
This sort story has Explicit Contents and a bit heart broking, if any of you’s are going throw relationship brake ups. I suggest that you guys shouldn’t read this.
This sort story was someone that emailed me some details and wanted her/his story told, I cant give names, but if you guys would like your story told, email me on,, it will be private between me and you.

This is one of my first Short Stories and its a bit ruff, but the one I am working on is going to be one of the bests, I hope so. I do write stuff from other people to tell their stories, they just drop me a few hits on what they would like me write for them and I do into a Short Story. I can put your names on or if you like I can keep it unknowing. Its all private. Just drop me an email or a message on Facebook.
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